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SPARC Hub is leading the effort to address the current key issues in unbound granular material testing, design and construction processes and make further advancements to maximise the benefits of increasing digitalisation within the so-called Industry 4.0 revolution. The Hub is organising a two-day online symposium on unbound flexible pavements in September 2022 targeting primarily the Australian construction industry. The symposium comprises a range of keynote speeches from world-renowned experts in various countries and panel discussions with industry experts and leaders with a view to advance the current approach for testing, design and construction of unbound flexible pavements.

The first day of this symposium (29 Sept 2022, AEST) is devoted to the state of practice in unbound flexible pavements with an emphasis on new technological advancements and innovations that can advance the current unbound pavement design, testing and construction with a view to develop performance-based specifications for intelligent construction. The second day of the symposium (30 Sept 2022, AEST) is devoted to the construction, operation and condition assessment of unbound flexible pavements with an aim to summarise the lessons learned around the globe on the long-term performance of unbound granular pavements including experiences in accelerated pavement testing, smart sensing for pavement condition assessment and application of recycled materials in unbound granular materials.

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